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Luminous Tape Self-adhesive

Luminous Tape Self-adhesive

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Characteristic: 1.

 1. No radioactivity, no energy consumption, easy to engrave. The product has the following characteristics

2. The product has excellent light storage luminous effect on all kinds of visible light in the general indoor natural light absorption, can be in the dark in a continuous light More than 5 hours.

3. Use without power, make full use of natural light source, its light absorption, light storage, luminescence process can be cyclic.

Uses: Emergency evacuation signs, safety beacons, road guidance, underground coal mines, emergency signs, fire equipment, prohibitions, warnings, instructions, public information signs.

                 warning, instruction, public information signs.

  Luminous material luminous film product characteristics: 1.
  1. short light storage time, large light receiving area, high luminous intensity, long afterglow time
  2. easy to cut, wide use (can be directly used for printing, printing, engraving, etc.)
  3. no radiation
  4. easy to fold and flip, easy to transport and carry
  5. strong adaptability to the environment (-10 ℃ -40 ℃), in the strong ultraviolet radiation is not easy to aging, long service life
  6. uniform surface light, good finish
  7. Tension and other technical indicators

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